International Craftsmen Association

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The first “International Craftsmen Association(ICA)” is officially established. For the purposes of uniting the global craftsmen, promoting the craft culture, evoking the young’s interest in crafts, and let Hong Kong people know more about the craftsmen’s experience, ICA hopes to achieve those purposes through brand activities, art exhibitions and interviews. Also, ICA will provide training and exchanges for the interested parties. They will have chances to communicate with professional craftsmen in order to drive the development of Hong Kong culture and preserve the industry of craftsmanship.


2021 ICA @ Times Square x Kyoto Prefecture
Kyo Yaki · Kiyomizu Yaki Exhibition


2020 Fine Art Asia


2019 Fine Art Asia


2018 Fine Art Asia


2017 Fine Art Asia

Culture Exchange

2019 Furukawa Takeshi
Tenmoku Culture Exchange


2019 Kyoto Craftsmenship Culture Exchange Trip

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